About Us

Since 2011 we’ve been serving homes and small businesses all over the North Dallas and Collin County area.

Our purpose is to provide you with top quality garage door services at reasonable rates. You receive honest service, no pushy sales.

Protect your home and keep your family safe by properly repairing and maintaining your garage door. You can call us day or night 24/7 for emergency service.

Patrick Johnson - Owner

Patrick’s journey in the garage door industry began at the age of 17, while still in high school. In 2011, he decided to turn his passion into a business venture.

Driven by a commitment to restore honesty and quality to the service industry, Patrick’s business not only excels in garage doors but prioritizes exceptional customer service.

He’s worked hard for his reputation (check out some reviews).He loves his work and enjoys serving homes and businesses throughout the metroplex.

Beyond garage doors, Patrick finds strength and support in his beautiful wife, who is his rock, and their daughter, born just two months after he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey.

Actively involved in the community, he and his team have donated thousands to charitable causes. They have also volunteered in various community initiatives, and contributed their services to local organizations, such as volunteer fire departments.

Patrick’s dedication extends beyond business, embodying a passion for making a positive impact in the community he calls home.

Meet Lorenzo, your friendly neighborhood garage door technician. He loves serving customers and enjoys educating homeowners on how to properly care for their garage doors.

Lorenzo has a passion for angling, archery, and strumming tunes on the ukulele. So when he’s not fine-tuning garage mechanisms, you’ll find him casting lines at his favorite fishing spot or hitting bullseyes with his trusty bow.

With a knack for fixing doors and a love for outdoor adventures, Lorenzo brings expertise and a touch of musical flair to every service call.

Lorenzo - friendly garage door technician
Lorenzo - Garage Tech